"My Neck of the Woods - Second Edition" by J.D. Lewis

Published "on demand" by the Genealogical Publishing Company of Baltimore, MD - "My Neck of the Woods: The Lewis Families of Southeastern North Carolina and Northeastern South Carolina," by J.D. Lewis, provides the history of what led five Lewis families to come to the New World and traces their migrations all over the Southeastern United States. The "Second Edition" was released in April of 2005.

If you are interested in purchasing this book, please Click Here to go to the Genealogical Publishing Company's order page. Their advertisment asserts that the book comes with a CD-ROM, but the Author does not believe that they actually have CDs to send. If they do, then I apologize for being incorrect.

If you ordered the book and did not get a CD with the electronic data, Click Here to download an Adobe PDF version of "My Neck of the Woods." It is a 14.3 MB file.

If you do not purchase the hardcopy of this book at Genealogical Publishing Company's website, you may still download the Adobe PDF version for free, is you so choose. If you are inclined, those of you who only download this Adobe PDF version may make a donation (the amount of your choosing) to the charity of your choice.

"Sent on behalf of J.D. Lewis - My Neck of the Woods"

As with any book or website about genealogy, this work certainly contains a small number errors and omissions - not intentional, of course. If you find any errors or omissions, or if you have additional information that you wish to share with the world, I will gladly add it to this website, but there will not be any more editions of the book in hardcopy or Adobe PDF.

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