Lewis Coats-of-Arms

In all of my research, it is apparent that there are about 35 different Lewis Coats-of-Arms. Each one represents a unique Lewis family and are not "transferrable" to other Lewis families. Below are eleven (11) different Lewis Coats-of-Arms known the me at this time - all created by "Designs of Wonder."

Click Here to see more Lewis Coats-of-Arms provided to me by others (i.e., not "Designs of Wonder").

I do not have specific information as to which Coat-of-Arms represents which Lewis family, but if anyone does have solid information on any Lewis Coat-of-Arms, or if anyone has another electronic version not shown herein, please send that information to me at the address shown below, or e-mail an electronic version to me at: jd.lewis@senclewises.com. Thanks.



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