The Lewis Families in Brunswick County, North Carolina

William Lewis of Bath County, NC (from the present-day area of Bertie County) arrived in what is present-day Brunswick County, at Town Creek, in the late 1720s - and he died in Brunswick County in 1731. William had two sons, William and Solomon, who grew up in this area, but later moved off to Horry County and Marion County, SC.

In 1745, a David Lewis is identified as a juror at an inquest of the accidental death of Rachel Austen in Brunswick County, NC, but the Author finds no other mention of this David Lewis, nor where he ultimately ended up. He does not show up in Brunswick County records any further.

James Lewis, Sr was the first known Lewis to "permanently" settle in Brunswick County, North Carolina, arriving around 1745 (although at that time it was still called New Hanover County; Brunswick County was officially designated in 1764). He had but two sons, both named James Lewis, Jr. The elder James Lewis, Jr. was born in Brunswick County, but chose to move to New Hanover County and settle. The younger James Lewis, Jr., who called himself "Simeon" was born in and remained in Brunswick County for most of his life, and his descendents called Brunswick County home up to the present day. 

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